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Come along with us as we step back in time to experience the stories of several women who fulfilled God’s plans for their lives.  From Old Testament all the way through the New Testament there are stories of sorrow, joy and amazing miracles that we can learn and grow spiritually from.

In most cases, the bible doesn’t give us the complete details or elaborate on how each woman might have felt, so please allow us to portray these women as best we can after much prayer and study. 

We truly hope you will experience and see just a glimpse of what these women, who came before us, can teach us as we too strive to fulfill the plan God has in store for each of us.  May we be faithful and obedient to His call.


Even though mankind was created from the dust of the ground…when our Heavenly Father looks at us He sees His creation…from dust we all have become diamonds!  Let us shine His love, mercy and grace…let Him see the sparkle that He created in all of us!

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